7 Office Hacks Which Could Make You More Productive

Here at Allthings we’re always on the quest for ways to increase productivity. Some of the following office hacks are genious, others verge on the insane (that’s why the post is called 7 Office Hacks Which Could Make You More Productive) We’ll leave it to you to decide!

1. Do-it-yourself fork


Image: picsauce

For those of your who, sadly, work in an office which either has a deficit of forks, or a surplus of paperclips – this one’s for you. Just don’t blame Allthings if you get accused of channeling your inner Bear Grylls…

2. Labelled Water Bottle 


Image: Iconosquare

If you’re always too engrossed in your work to remember to get your daily H2O requirement, this hack could help. Work your way through the day and even if you don’t achieve your work goals, you’ll feel refreshed and satisfied at meeting your water goals. Put that on the good ol’ CV! The colour pink is optional…

3. Coffee-holder green-table-extender. Thing.


Image: Amazon

Another beverage-related hack here, great if you’re struggling with a small desk or you just want your coffee perilously dangling over the office carpet. You never know, with all that extra desk space for folders, notepads, monitors etc your productivity might skyrocket!

4. The Business Card and Pen Tie


Image: via Lifehacker

What can I say? The usefulness of this tie is palpable. Never again will you be caught short when an impromptu visitor comes to the office or during a business lunch. You’re professionalism will remain intact as the swapping of paper occurs swiftly. After the event, you’ll thank your lucky stars for the card/pen tie as contacts and connections are secured.

5. Magnets under the desk!


Image: http://i.imgur.com/mUWiH.jpg

Sometimes desks are just too small. That’s a fact of life. Sometimes there’s not even any room for a pot to hold all of the stationary you need to get your job done. What’s to be done!? Well, considering most of your stationary is made of metal, attach some magnets to your desk. The trick? Underneath the desk! Allthings takes no responsibility if heavy staplers or other dangerous office equipment fall on your feet…

6. Using a biro or sharpie to fix a wardrobe malfunction


Image: buzzfeed

For men and women here folks, the humble pen can come to your rescue if suddenly you notice that your shiny-shoes are all scuffed. Completing this hack will allow you to stop worrying about your shoes and focus on your work, making you more productive than ever before. Don’t thank us, thank Sharpie.

7. Cassette case phone holder


Image: Life currents

It’s quite important to recycle, so do your part in the office and you could see projects completed well before the deadlines and feel more productive! This hack is especially useful if you’re living in the 1980s and feel like you’re drowning in empty Chris Rea cassette cases.

8. allthings


It wouldn’t be a proper Allthing’s productivity post if allthings wasn’t mentioned. Share lists, set time estimates, create folders and get things done without sticking magnets to your desk or cutting up a perfectly good tie. If you’d like to see how allthings can help click here, or email support@allthings.io

Do you have any tips for hacking the office to increase productivity? If so, let us know in the comments below!